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LesbianLush.com is an interactive, multimedia, one stop website designed to inform and entertain members of the lesbian community through many different perspectives. The purpose of LesbianLush.com is to provide current, relevant information written by lesbians for lesbians on topics interesting to lesbians. Categories include lesbian fashion, lesbian travel, lesbian dating, lesbian sex and a social section which includes an interactive lesbian exclusive calendar. The site is unique because it encompasses many different lesbian topics all in one easy to use site.

Publishers Anna & Mel

For Lesbians By Lesbians

Anna possesses a Bachelors degree in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Psychology with specific focus on women and lesbian studies. Anna has worked within the lesbian community for over 15 years. She has assisted in reviving local LGBT centers and redeveloping a local LGBTCenter website. Anna lived in Long Beach for many years but currently resides in West Hollywood and has a vast network of contacts in the lesbian community. She loves spending time with her dp, her family and especially her three year old nephew, Nico. She loves to travel and to surf as often as possible. She can talk about social issues and fashion until she turns blue.


Melissa Hayden starred in Curl Girls, the first lesbian reality show on a major network. Curl Girls was a 6-part television reality series that premiered on the Logo Television Network on June 18th, 2007. Since the show she has been working in advertising, marketing and business development for multiple online publications. She currently resides in West Hollywood. Although she does like to dance, sing, play piano, surf, and much more, her ultimate passion (aside from her woman of course) is snowboarding. She enjoys being social with friends, family and new people. She loves to talk about experiences in general but especially experiences related to travel, dating, and ah...sex!


Melissa Hayden

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